Walk of Shame


Before having Sarai I was never much of a party gal. I enjoyed going out with my friends every once in awhile, but I would rather be on the couch binge watching a show, or going to the movies. All of my friends (who I should start introducing names because I will probably talk about them quite a bit Lol) used to make fun of me because it was a miracle if they could get me to go out!

Then fast forward two years, I was pregnant for like ever, and then became a new mom. So you guessed it, hermit Marissa was in FULL effect. On top of not wanting to leave the house, I now had a newborn (which gave me total anxiety at first) and did not want to ever leave her if she couldn’t come with me. I remember the first time I left Sarai with my mom (who she hated at first, she used to scream her head off for at least a solid 20-30 mins, but now she is a total Nans’s girl) Gabriel (baby daddy) and I went to the movies. The whole time I was not even paying close attention to what was happening on screen because I kept checking my phone in fear something would go wrong, or my mom would need me to come back! On top of that, like all new moms everything in the movie reminded me of Sarai. We watched Gardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and baby Groot had a scene where he just turned straight at Starlord or whoever and let out vomit, and I of course turned to Gabriel and we instantly thought of Sarai! Anyways moving on, it was hard for me to leave her.

I can probably count 3-4 times that I have ever been away from her overnights. I would get extreme anxiety when thinking about being away from her, and wouldn’t be able to sleep without her (lame I know, I’m one of those moms). Sarai is now 15 months and I promised myself that after she turned one I needed to start doing things I like and to go out more! I need to add that Sarai now is good with everyone! She loves people, and could care less if I leave her. Now that you have background info, on to the story.

A few weekends ago my friend Susan (@suusva) and I decided to go out on a Friday night, and grab snacks and see Oceans 8! We were like yes boss girl movie to help motivate us! Which the movie was good, but it made me lean more towards being a criminal then anything. Does that ever happen to y’all? Like after watching Breaking Bad, you didn’t want to start making Meth, like not at all? Lol Maybe Im just crazy! Also Im totally joking, I would NEVER sell,do, or make meth just so we are clear. Alright, focused now back to what I was saying. We stopped at Creamy’s which you NEED to go check out @caylajordantv on IG! Her cheesecakes are bomb, and her frozen cheesecake sandwhiches are to die for! Then headed to the movies! Wild night huh? Lol.

The movie finished after 11, which is already way past my bedtime. I headed over to my moms because she was watching Nova (my husky puppy) for me. I was going to just pick her up, but since it was late I decided just to crash there. I usually have some type of clothes there, but of course this night I had nothing! So I took my bra off and crashed at almost 1 am in my clothes.

The next morning we had planned to go to the Folsom Zoo and wanted to get there right when it opened at 9am. Perfect planning on my part, I say with all kinds of sarcasm. Side note, I am VERY saracastic, Lol. So, I roll out of my moms house at 7 am, in the same clothes and shoes I had on the day before, bra-less, pulling my wild puppy, feeling dehydrated, tired, hott, morning breath, feeling like I just was out all night partying or something. I literally felt like I was doing the walk of shame, when in reality I just had a break from my baby that night, went out to a movie, and ate cheesecake. Crazy, I feel old. Oh how motherhood has changed things.





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