Behind the Name


How did I come up with my blog name? Well I’ll start with the story behind how I came up with my Instagram handle because that’s where everything stems from! Funny story actually I first signed up for IG because this girl told me about these cool filters they had for pictures! So originally I was using it solely for filters and didn’t realize for months that I had the same pictures with different filters all over my profile due to me saving them to post elsewhere Lol Anyways once I started to explore what the platform really was I was very Intrigued ! I wanted a “cool” name that was going to sound creative yet be a play on words.

I remember I was on my way to the Bay Area with my mom on one of our regular monthly visits ( A lot of my dad’s side of the family lives there). And it was the only thing on my mind I kept trying to figure out what could work with Marissa! I happened to stumble upon Glamour magazines page and hence me not being great with grammar i forgot about that old school spelling of the word! At the time I was just beginning my love affair with Beauty and makeup, so It was perfect ! My whole family calls me Rissa, or Riss as a nickname and so I just smushed the two together! Glamourriss ! I just remember being so excited to finally have a fun take on my name. Oddly enough Marissa is never on magnets or key chains it’s actually hard to find! So since then all my social media platforms have been the same name!

Did you know that I have a Instagram account solely dedicated to beauty ? Well I do ! Like I mentioned in my first post I am an Esthetician, and worked as a freelance makeup artist and also worked on the management team for BareMinerals in Arden Fair for a few years! While in Beauty school we had to create an account to showcase and promote our work! So I was faced with another challenge of coming up with another name but this time it was easier my name already stood for the content I would be posting but since I was providing a service I decided to add the words “make me” to the front of my name! So my beauty account came to be makemeglamourris! Which was another play on words because through my work I would be making people look “glamorous”!

Okay so long story short, I wanted the same connection to my blog but I wanted it to showcase more of my real life! You know on IG or other social platforms you really only can post pretty pictures of all the good things going on in your life! But I wanted to get more real and raw in my writing so hence the words “not so” were added to glamouriss! Just to highlight that everyday life is not all glitz and glamour!




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