Every once in awhile I think God puts people in my path to make me re align with my purpose. Every few years I randomly meet someone who feels comfortable enough to talk to me to connect with me and to ask me for my help. And I don’t mean asking me for money or asking me for a ride or food. Let me explain.

Today I was at target on a break in between my lash clients and I was browsing the clothing section. I happened to walk back to swimsuits when I walked past this lady. I smiled and said excuse me while she said excuse me back. I kept walking and I heard her say excuse me but more like a question this time. So I turn around, she introduces herself as Ninette and asks me if I shop here a lot and proceeds to tell me that she has a job interview coming up and that she needs help finding an outfit. And then she asked me if I would help her. She knew I wasn’t an employee but knew that maybe because I was plus sized that I could help her find clothes that would fit her. I only knew this by her gesturing at her body. So I made the assumption.

I happily agreed and took her to the right section in the woman’s clothes. Walked around with her picked out shirts talked about sizing and found her some really good options. I didn’t have much time so I had to rush out but she thanked me for helping her and was very happy with the options she had to try on and I left her with a few more ideas on where to look! I wished her luck and told her that she was going to get that job!

To many people this may seem small. It may seem weird or strange that I would care or even feel like talking about this. But those 15 mins of me helping her literally feel like heaven to me. Not because I feel good she liked my clothes or she thought I had good taste. It was because she made me feel at home. I love that I can be relatable to someone else. I love that I can help someone else feel confident and capable.

Believe it or not this is not the first time it’s happened to me. I once helped a lady for almost an hour in the makeup section at target with a really similar story! ( You can ask Gabriel about this one because he kept coming back like you are still over here helping this lady?!) It happened a lot with people I came across and have actually posted about more stories from my time working for BareMinerals.

These little moments in my life really help me see clarity. I want to help other women, other people. In whatever capacity it serves them. And for me what I know and love is beauty, and a little fashion Lol. I love making people feel beautiful in their own skin. I love making people feel like being who they want to be and who they see in the mirror so achievable.

Is there a position at target where I can just walk around as a shopper and randomly help strangers all day?! No well maybe there should be. Lol

At the end of the day we are all here on this earth for the human experience and I love these moments. Where I relate and connect with someone I didn’t know existed a day ago.

Can I get real honest in this post? The part about doing lash extensions I love the most? Is connecting with others. Having deep conversations with people I just met and continue then to build relationships with.

I think people feel comfortable with me because you can come in lay down with your eyes closed and be free to speak your truth and how you feel, what you are going through and your experiences. Without having to make eye contact or feel self conscious about your body or looks.

Through every person I meet and interact with it heals MY soul. Makes me love myself a little more that day. Makes me feel like my voice matters. Makes me feel no fear. Makes me feel like I can be the person I’m always trying to be and that it is achievable.




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