Pictures are my absolute favorite thing. They hold so much emotion and feeling. Ever since I had my own room I always covered the walls with pictures. I mean I would COVER a whole wall with pictures in frames, posters etc. I love looking at them and just thinking about that moment in time with the people I love the most. My family and I will still break out old pictures and go through them for hours just reminiscing on the past.

It is probably embarrassing to admit but I have about 12,000 pictures in my phone. It is so hard for me to delete them even though I know I have them saved in drive and on my computer. Personally that is why I love sharing on Instgram so much. If I scroll down to the very beginning and work my way back up to the top it is literally like looking at my life over the past 9 years in chapters.

Especially after having Sarai I don’t want to miss out on capturing every moment. So Sarai has so many videos and pictures to look at when she gets older. I love capturing her milestones and just cute moments she has which is basically 24/7! Also she is probably about 10k of those 12k in my phone. Lol (Side note if you are having kid make sure to get the iphone with the most amount of storage trust me its worth it lol) Recently I had a mini shoot with an amazing Local photographer here in Sac, her name is Diana! I wanted to share more of these pictures then I did on my social media because I am absolutely in love with them and the memory they capture for Sarai and I. And if you are looking for a photographer here in town you have to book with her! And below are some of the photos from out session 🙂

Diana’s Website       Diana’s Instagram






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