Do you ever go through those few weeks at a time where you just feel uninspired? Your mind is overwhelmed and you can’t seem to shake the negativity? I do and it seems to be happening a lot lately. I’ve taken a few weeks off from writing for a few reasons. My daughter was sick, I was out of town and then my grandpa passed away. And to have more than usual going on emotionally, my creative self crawled into a hole and hid.

I try to be a pretty positive person. I can use exercises, prayer, etc to help shake any negative thoughts and feelings from my mind. But when I’m overly tired and stressed it’s a lot harder to clear out. My anxiety kicks in and I begin to doubt everything about myself. The way I look, what I’ve accomplished, what I want to do and my goals all seem so silly and stupid. What once seemed so exciting and achievable now feels so distant and unrealistic.

Eventually after my little slump I pull myself up and figure my shit out. Something becomes inspiring, and motivates me to get to work. I let go of the stress and realize that life is short and I need to enjoy every moment. The good and especially the ugly.

Insecurities suck, they can mentally tear you a apart. But guess what it is okay not to be okay for a little while. It is okay to wear sweats every day and eat what you want sometimes. It is okay to feel your emotions, and hurt. As long as you don’t dwell in that and use the experiences as lessons to move forward.

You are your biggest success, and work of art. It takes a lot to keeping growing and changing into a more secure person. Know that you are powerful, you are strong, your words and emotions matter. And it matters the most to give yourself that kind of self love. I’m not the best at this, but I’m working on it. You should too.




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