Force of Beauty


When I worked for Bareminerals we had to do an exercise that had us write down how red lipstick made you feel. Some people may find that superficial or weird but really think about that question for yourself? How does it make you feel when you wear red lipstick? My answer was nervous, and insecure lol Probably not the answer you were expecting me to say! I love a classic red lip but I’ve been told all my life my lips are small. When wear bright colors like red or coral I constantly am checking if there is lipstick on my teeth and the rest of the day I feel like I can’t eat or drink anything in fear of messing up my lips lol

The exercise usually is answered with many different versions of feeling empowered. For so many woman red lipstick makes them feel sexy, powerful, and unstoppable! For me that’s when I have on lashes, full glam, a great nude lip with my liner slightly over drawn, full bushy brows and my hair curled to perfection!

One of the many core beliefs of Bareminerals is being a force of beauty to others. Which includes being a skin care, and cosmetics expert, but the most important part of that is being genuine in finding out who the customer really is. Listening to what they are really asking you for. What is their lifestyle? Are they a mom who has 5 minutes to put on a face or a 21 year old who can’t wait to spend 2 hours getting ready? What’s their skin type, and coverage preference? Whatever it was, no matter their situation being just like one of their girlfriends , listening, recommending, to help them find their perfect new routine! It’s all about having their inner beauty match their outer beauty! This concept and connection with other people was what made me LOVE my job!Side note I also was our stores Moxie, meaning I was the in-store trainer. Responsible for training all of our girls on new products, formulas, etc! I also eventually took over doing store visual set ups which were some of my favorite bonding nights with my girls! Not only was my job to turn strangers into friends and make them loyal customers, but it was also keeping my internal customers, my team positive and happy! And that was something I took so much pride in! How many people can say their job is to make woman feel amazing about themselves?!

For me cosmetics isn’t a superficial thing. Yes trust me certain brands and stores you can easily walk into and get intimated. I run errands with a bare face and go into those stores looking crazy and can hardly get help. But the power is in knowing your worth, what your capable of and what you can do for others.

I use cosmetics to help get to know someone, to get to know their story , and to help them find what works best for them and makes them feel just as beautiful as they are on the outside as they are on the inside.

I have two stories I wanted to share of specific stories that always stay in my mind when I think of my times at Bare! One day while on the floor I met a girl probably in her early teens, she was fair with a golden undertone, had lots of acne, wouldn’t make eye contact and if I was judging on her appearance ( which as a manager sometimes you are forced to use stereotypes to keep your environment safe) would have guessed she wasn’t buying anything so I shouldn’t spend the time on her. We got to talking and I could tell she needed something good for her skin and that would make her feel confident in applying it and wearing it! So I sat her in the chair did the whole “girlfriend experience” which was really what it was called lol. I talked to her about products ingredients and showed her how to do it and then had her actually try it herself in the store. At the end she told me she didn’t have money to buy but wanted to in the future. I wrote down her information and sent her home with samples. Months I mean it had to have been 4-5 months later she came back in and had saved up enough money to buy her first started kit. The way her makeup made her feel, made her look, gave her confidence and for her to save her money to come back just for this really touched my heart! Having an impact on someone not even realizing how much those little things mean, is humbling!

The second story I’ll share is a woman, a mom who had 4 children. When her youngest was around 2-3 they found out she was autistic. On top of having 3 other children, it was a for sure adjustment trying to figure out how to live a slightly different lifestyle. She was telling me all these stories of late night stress and also some sweet learning victories they had! But as the road got tougher her husband decided to leave. Not even thinking or complaining, she made a plan, did research and moved across the county to find the best help she could for her kids. I remember the whole time her just repeating herself in saying “you can’t take pity on yourself, you just have to do what it takes!” They had relocated to Sacramento and found some of the best help for her youngest at UC Davis! Within a few years she got a job, built a strong support system, had her kids settled and now she finally felt like she could get back to feeling good about herself too. And she was also celebrating buying her first house on her own! Sheesh, this woman was the definition of perseverance! After we finished our consultation she was basically in tears on how her simple makeup routine and berry lip made her feel beautiful! I used to genuinely feel lucky to be able to help such an amazing variety of people everyday.

I carried on this philosophy in my life to every client, and person I have met! I once helped a complete stranger in target for literally 30 mins recommending products to her in the beauty section! I remember Gabriel being so annoyed that I took sooo long. Lol Also last month my grandma who hasn’t worn a lot of makeup since my dad passed away in 2014 was asking me for advice on eyeliner and lipstick! You don’t know much those small moments mean so much to me. And in these moments of sharing, I realized how much cosmetics play a part in my life. Yes I’m passionate about cosmetics because of the impact of leaves on my life and others. You may still think I’m crazy but think about the last time you felt beautiful, what were you wearing, how did you look? How did that make you feel? If you can’t remember then girl let’s go makeup shopping right away and get our retail therapy on! And if your answer is that red lipstick then honey tomorrow when you roll out of bed throw on that red lipstick and let it be known that you can do anything you set your mind too!

I just need to point out, everyone is beautiful with or without makeup. Everyone is amazingly different and our scars are what make us. I’m not ever saying cover up behind concealer and foundation who you really are. All I’m saying is do what makes you feel confident. That doesn’t have to be lipstick or a smokey eye, it can be chapstick and mascara! It can be anything!! Just don’t forget whatever it is that makes you feel good to do it, wear it and to slay the day! When your sick get dressed , when you are going through a break up ( raises hand) call your friends and put on something that makes you feel good and go dancing, when you are working too much don’t forget to take the time to take care of yourself!

Be a force of beauty within your community of people. It doesn’t have to be around cosmetics, it can just mean being that awesome friend who REALLY listens! Just try your best to be genuine, don’t judge and help find out how you can help someone feel amazing about who they are.



(P.S. I’m not a saint, I’m working on being better on doing community service and giving back to those less fortunate then me! So yes I’m speaking on how to be a positive force to others around you but no one is perfect just try your best 😉 Also I added below pics of my trainers, my girls, and some fun looks I did, visual set ups from when I worked in the store! )


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